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Rerddap-Xtractomatic (Rerddapxtracto) is a set of free tools, written in R, that allows client-side access of environmental data served on the ERD/CoastWatch ERDDAP Server.

Chlorophyll-a at marlin track locations.
map of chlorophyll a at marlin track locations
Chlorophyll-a concentrations for a marlin track that were extracted from the MODIS satellite dataset served by ERDDAP.

The Rerddapxtracto tools were originally developed for the marine biology tagging community to extract satellite data coincident to the tracks from tagged animals. The packages have been extended to extract a 3D cube of data and time series from the region defined by the polygon.


Rerddapxtracto scripts work within R to subset and extract satellite and other oceanographic-related data from a remote server. A legacy Xtractomatic package for Matlab is available but not supported.

Data can be extracted

  • for a moving point in time along a user-supplied set of longitude, latitude and time points,
  • within a 3D bounding box, and
  • within a polygon through time.

Rerddapxtracto accesses data that are served through ERDDAP servers at the NOAA/SWFSC Environmental Research Division in Santa Cruz, California and other locations.

Rerddapxtracto also includes helper functions to search for and obtain information about available datasets.


Documentation and Examples

  • Using Rerddapxtracto with R
       (.Rmd 1.1MB)

    Using Rerddapxtracto with R


  • Xtracto for Matlab

  • Rerddapxtracto for R

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