The CoastWatch Browsers are useful tools for viewing satellite datasets and for quickly evaluating which datasets are useful for your needs. We recommend the browsers for tasks such as the following:

  • Compare spatial coverages of different datasets
  • Easily compare different temporal compositing options
  • Get a quick time series for a point
  • Compare satellite data to buoy data
  • Overlay vector wind fields
  • Make a quick animation
  • Downloading data for one or a few time periods (using ERDDAP for larger temporal coverage)

The browsers have limited download capabilities and do not access all of the datasets that are available from CoastWatch WCRN. We recommend using the ERDDAP data server for complete data access and download capabilities.

CoastWatch WCRN maintains the following data browsers:

  • West Coast Browser
      Coastal waters of the US and Mexico from 20° to 50° N latitude
  • Alaska
      Coastal waters surrounding Alaska from 45° to 75° N latitude and 185° to 125° W longitude
  • BloomWatch 180
      Global Browser using -180° to 180° longitude
  • BloomWatch 360
      Global Browser using 0° to 360° longitude
image of CW Browser

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