CoastWatch Utilities

Tools for CoastWatch Data

The CoastWatch Utilities, created by the NOAA/NESDIS CoastWatch program, allow users to work with Earth science data created by the NOAA/NESDIS CoastWatch program. Users can easily manipulate and visualize data in CoastWatch HDF format, NOAA 1b format, and some flavors of NetCDF 4. The Utilities are available free via a software package that contains the CoastWatch Utilities Library and the CoastWatch Data Analysis Tool.

CoastWatch Utilities Library
The CoastWatch Utilities Library contains the complete set of data manipulation and visualization scripts. The scripts are operated from the command line to perform batch processing, both as a stand-alone tool or in conjunction with other programs.

CoastWatch Data Analysis Tool
CoastWatch Data Analysis Tool is a point-and-click graphical interface for many data manipulation and visualization functions available in the CoastWatch Utilities Library.



Obtain direct access to raw file and variable attributes.

Monitor the status of data servers and data download.

Calculate statistics, such as minimum, maximum, mean, and standard deviation, on data variables.

Data Processing
Convert between file formats, composite over area and time, perform generic variable math, and resample the data.

Graphics and Visualization
Visualize and analyze data interactively, render images in batch processes, and create ancillary graphics, such as data coverage maps, grids, coastlines, and landmasks.

Registration and Navigation
Resample data from one projection to another, generate region masters interactively, calculate navigational corrections manually and automatically, and compute solar and earth location angles.

Software Availability

Software versions

Windows, Linux, and Solaris: 32-bit and 64-bit versions

Mac OS X: 64-bit version

Download locations

CoastWatch Utilities software is available for download from the CoastWatch Central Operations website.

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