Tools & Training

Environmental Data Connector

The EDC application automates the process of searching through large datasets to find and download data subsets. The application subsets spatially and temporally, along ship or animal tracks, and within user-defined polygons from datasets served by ERDDAP, OPeNDAP, THREDDS, IOOS SOS. The EDC works within ArcGIS, Matlab, R, and Excel, to directly download data to those software packages, or as a standalone Java application.

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Xtractomatic Tools

Xtractomatic is a set of software tools that subset and extract satellite data from many of the datasets available on the CoastWatch ERDDAP server. The tools can retrieve data from a moving point, polygon, or 3D bounding box using a user-supplied set of longitude, latitude and time points. The xtractomatic scripts are written to work in either Matlab or in R.

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NOAA Ocean Satellite Courses

CoastWatch and ERD conduct an annual 3-day course (lecture and workshop) in oceanographic satellite data. The courses are geared toward NOAA oceans and fisheries scientists, but are open to non-NOAA participants if space permits. The goal of the course is to provide scientist with the information and tools needed to incorporations satellite observations into their research and management work. Lectures cover the basics of environmental satellite observations, the characteristics of the parameters measured by satellites, and tools used to access and use the data. The workshop provides the participants with hands on experience downloading satellite data and using tools to apply the data to their own projects.

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CoastWatch Utilities

The CoastWatch Utilities software allows users to work with Earth science data created by the NOAA/NESDIS CoastWatch program. Users can easily manipulate and visualize data in CoastWatch HDF format, NOAA 1b format, and some flavors of NetCDF 4. The software has both graphical interface tools providing a point-and-click interface and command-line tools for use in batch data processing scripts.

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