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Title Sum-
Institution Dataset ID
     data   graph     files  public GODAE, SFCOBS - Surface Temperature Observations, 1998-present    ?   F   I   M   background (external link) RSS Subscribe FNMOC GODAE erdGodaeSfcobs

The Dataset's Variables and Attributes

Row Type Variable Name Attribute Name Data Type Value
attribute NC_GLOBAL cdm_data_type String Point
attribute NC_GLOBAL Conventions String COARDS, CF-1.6, ACDD-1.3
attribute NC_GLOBAL Easternmost_Easting double 180.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL featureType String Point
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_max double 90.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_min double -85.7
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_units String degrees_north
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_max double 180.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_min double -180.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_units String degrees_east
attribute NC_GLOBAL history String
Files from GODAE SFCOBS dataset, reformatted to netCDF at ERD (
attribute NC_GLOBAL infoUrl String (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL institution String FNMOC GODAE
attribute NC_GLOBAL keywords String analysis, call, climatological, data, Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Temperature > Sea Surface Temperature, error, estimate, fnmoc, gdem, global, godae, gross, identifier, indicator, mass, obseration, observation, observations, ocean, oceans, probability, receipt, regional, sea, sea_surface_temperature, seawater, sfcobs, sign, sst, surface, temperature, time, type, variability, water
attribute NC_GLOBAL keywords_vocabulary String GCMD Science Keywords
attribute NC_GLOBAL license String The data may be used and redistributed for free but is not intended
for legal use, since it may contain inaccuracies. Neither the data
Contributor, ERD, NOAA, nor the United States Government, nor any
of their employees or contractors, makes any warranty, express or
implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose, or assumes any legal liability for the accuracy,
completeness, or usefulness, of this information.
attribute NC_GLOBAL Northernmost_Northing double 90.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL observationDimension String row
attribute NC_GLOBAL sourceUrl String (local files)
attribute NC_GLOBAL Southernmost_Northing double -85.7
attribute NC_GLOBAL standard_name_vocabulary String CF Standard Name Table v55
attribute NC_GLOBAL summary String GODAE, SFCOBS - Surface Temperature Observations: Ship, fixed/drifting buoy, and CMAN in-situ surface temperature. Global Telecommunication System (GTS) Data.

The Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE) is a practical demonstration of near-real-time, global ocean data assimilation that provides, regular, complete descriptions of the temperature, salinity and velocity structures of the ocean in support of operational oceanography, seasonal-to-decadal climate forecasts and analyses, and oceanographic research. The GODAE Monterey Server, sponsored mainly by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), is intended to be a principal node in the GODAE architecture.
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_end String 2019-02-28T23:58:00Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_start String 1998-09-01T00:00:00Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL title String GODAE, SFCOBS - Surface Temperature Observations, 1998-present
attribute NC_GLOBAL Westernmost_Easting double -180.0
variable longitude   float  
attribute longitude _CoordinateAxisType String Lon
attribute longitude actual_range float -180.0, 180.0
attribute longitude axis String X
attribute longitude ioos_category String Location
attribute longitude long_name String Longitude
attribute longitude standard_name String longitude
attribute longitude units String degrees_east
variable latitude   float  
attribute latitude _CoordinateAxisType String Lat
attribute latitude actual_range float -85.7, 90.0
attribute latitude axis String Y
attribute latitude ioos_category String Location
attribute latitude long_name String Latitude
attribute latitude standard_name String latitude
attribute latitude units String degrees_north
variable time   double  
attribute time _CoordinateAxisType String Time
attribute time actual_range double 9.04608E8, 1.55139828E9
attribute time axis String T
attribute time comment String This is the observation time (to the nearest minute) from the source String variable ob_dtg (not ob_age, which is less precise).
attribute time ioos_category String Time
attribute time long_name String Observation Time
attribute time standard_name String time
attribute time time_origin String 01-JAN-1970 00:00:00
attribute time units String seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
variable ob_clm   float  
attribute ob_clm actual_range float -1.873813, 34.05973
attribute ob_clm colorBarMaximum double 32.0
attribute ob_clm colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ob_clm ioos_category String Temperature
attribute ob_clm missing_value float -999.0
variable ob_csgm   float  
attribute ob_csgm actual_range float -2.019349, 53.30842
attribute ob_csgm colorBarMaximum double 32.0
attribute ob_csgm colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ob_csgm ioos_category String Temperature
attribute ob_csgm missing_value float -999.0
variable ob_glb   float  
attribute ob_glb actual_range float -15.35305, 36.28238
attribute ob_glb colorBarMaximum double 32.0
attribute ob_glb colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ob_glb comment String SST global analysis estimate at obs location and sampling time
attribute ob_glb ioos_category String Temperature
attribute ob_glb missing_value float -999.0
variable ob_gsgm   float  
attribute ob_gsgm actual_range float -0.6409671, 53.30842
attribute ob_gsgm colorBarMaximum double 32.0
attribute ob_gsgm colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ob_gsgm ioos_category String Temperature
attribute ob_gsgm missing_value float -999.0
variable ob_qc   float  
attribute ob_qc actual_range float 0.0, 1281.0
attribute ob_qc colorBarMaximum double 1.0
attribute ob_qc colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ob_qc comment String SST obs probability (0 - 1) of a gross error (assumes normal PDF of SST errors)
attribute ob_qc ioos_category String Temperature
attribute ob_qc missing_value float -999.0
variable ob_rcpt   double  
attribute ob_rcpt actual_range double 9.0461292E8, 1.5514542E9
attribute ob_rcpt ioos_category String Time
attribute ob_rcpt long_name String SST observation receipt time at FNMOC
attribute ob_rcpt time_origin String 01-JAN-1970 00:00:00
attribute ob_rcpt units String seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
variable ob_rgn   float  
attribute ob_rgn actual_range float -19.19079, 35.13619
attribute ob_rgn colorBarMaximum double 32.0
attribute ob_rgn colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ob_rgn ioos_category String Temperature
attribute ob_rgn missing_value float -999.0
variable ob_rsgm   float  
attribute ob_rsgm actual_range float -0.1917445, 53.30842
attribute ob_rsgm colorBarMaximum double 32.0
attribute ob_rsgm colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ob_rsgm ioos_category String Temperature
attribute ob_rsgm missing_value float -999.0
variable ob_sign   String  
attribute ob_sign ioos_category String Identifier
variable ob_sst   float  
attribute ob_sst actual_range float -273.15, 1.0E10
attribute ob_sst colorBarMaximum double 32.0
attribute ob_sst colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ob_sst ioos_category String Temperature
attribute ob_sst missing_value float -999.0
variable ob_typ   int  
attribute ob_typ actual_range int 3, 26
attribute ob_typ comment String SST obseration data type; ship (ERI, bucket, hull contact), buoy (fixed, drifting), CMAN (see for codes)
attribute ob_typ ioos_category String Identifier
attribute ob_typ missing_value int -999
variable ob_wm   int  
attribute ob_wm actual_range int 0, 12
attribute ob_wm colorBarMaximum double 12.0
attribute ob_wm colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ob_wm ioos_category String Temperature
attribute ob_wm missing_value int -999

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