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Dataset Title:  California Fish Market Catch Landings, Long List, 1928-2002, Monthly Subscribe RSS
Institution:  CA DFG, NOAA ERD   (Dataset ID: erdCAMarCatLM)
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fish port
Abalone, Black All
Abalone, Black Eureka
Abalone, Black Los Angeles
Abalone, Black Monterey
Abalone, Black San Diego
Abalone, Black San Francisco
Abalone, Black Santa Barbara
Abalone, Flat All
Abalone, Flat Eureka
Abalone, Flat Los Angeles
Abalone, Flat Monterey
Abalone, Flat San Diego
Abalone, Flat San Francisco
Abalone, Flat Santa Barbara
Abalone, Green All
Abalone, Green Eureka
Abalone, Green Los Angeles
Abalone, Green Monterey
Abalone, Green San Diego
Abalone, Green San Francisco
Abalone, Green Santa Barbara
Abalone, Pink All
Abalone, Pink Eureka
Abalone, Pink Los Angeles
Abalone, Pink Monterey
Abalone, Pink San Diego
Abalone, Pink San Francisco
Abalone, Pink Santa Barbara
Abalone, Pinto All
Abalone, Pinto Eureka
Abalone, Pinto Los Angeles
Abalone, Pinto Monterey
Abalone, Pinto San Diego
Abalone, Pinto San Francisco
Abalone, Pinto Santa Barbara
Abalone, Red All
Abalone, Red Eureka
Abalone, Red Los Angeles
Abalone, Red Monterey
Abalone, Red San Diego
Abalone, Red San Francisco
Abalone, Red Santa Barbara
Abalone, Threaded All
Abalone, Threaded Eureka
Abalone, Threaded Los Angeles
Abalone, Threaded Monterey
Abalone, Threaded San Diego
Abalone, Threaded San Francisco
Abalone, Threaded Santa Barbara
Abalone, Unspecified All
Abalone, Unspecified Eureka
Abalone, Unspecified Los Angeles
Abalone, Unspecified Monterey
Abalone, Unspecified San Diego
Abalone, Unspecified San Francisco
Abalone, Unspecified Santa Barbara
Abalone, White All
Abalone, White Eureka
Abalone, White Los Angeles
Abalone, White Monterey
Abalone, White San Diego
Abalone, White San Francisco
Abalone, White Santa Barbara
Anchovy, Deepbody All
Anchovy, Deepbody Eureka
Anchovy, Deepbody Los Angeles
Anchovy, Deepbody Monterey
Anchovy, Deepbody San Diego
Anchovy, Deepbody San Francisco
Anchovy, Deepbody Santa Barbara
Anchovy, Northern All
Anchovy, Northern Eureka
Anchovy, Northern Los Angeles
Anchovy, Northern Monterey
Anchovy, Northern San Diego
Anchovy, Northern San Francisco
Anchovy, Northern Santa Barbara
Barnacle All
Barnacle Eureka
Barnacle Los Angeles
Barnacle Monterey
Barnacle San Diego
Barnacle San Francisco
Barnacle Santa Barbara
Barracuda, California All
Barracuda, California Eureka
Barracuda, California Los Angeles
Barracuda, California Monterey
Barracuda, California San Diego
Barracuda, California San Francisco
Barracuda, California Santa Barbara
Bass, Barred Sand All
Bass, Barred Sand Eureka
Bass, Barred Sand Los Angeles
Bass, Barred Sand Monterey
Bass, Barred Sand San Diego
Bass, Barred Sand San Francisco
Bass, Barred Sand Santa Barbara
Bass, Giant Sea All
Bass, Giant Sea Eureka
Bass, Giant Sea Los Angeles
Bass, Giant Sea Monterey
Bass, Giant Sea San Diego
Bass, Giant Sea San Francisco
Bass, Giant Sea Santa Barbara
Bass, Kelp All
Bass, Kelp Eureka
Bass, Kelp Los Angeles
Bass, Kelp Monterey
Bass, Kelp San Diego
Bass, Kelp San Francisco
Bass, Kelp Santa Barbara
Bass, Rock All
Bass, Rock Eureka
Bass, Rock Los Angeles
Bass, Rock Monterey
Bass, Rock San Diego
Bass, Rock San Francisco
Bass, Rock Santa Barbara
Bass, Spotted Sand All
Bass, Spotted Sand Eureka
Bass, Spotted Sand Los Angeles
Bass, Spotted Sand Monterey
Bass, Spotted Sand San Diego
Bass, Spotted Sand San Francisco
Bass, Spotted Sand Santa Barbara
Bass, Striped All
Bass, Striped Eureka
Bass, Striped Los Angeles
Bass, Striped Monterey
Bass, Striped San Diego
Bass, Striped San Francisco
Bass, Striped Santa Barbara
Blackfish, Sacramento All
Blackfish, Sacramento Eureka
Blackfish, Sacramento Los Angeles
Blackfish, Sacramento Monterey
Blackfish, Sacramento San Diego
Blackfish, Sacramento San Francisco
Blackfish, Sacramento Santa Barbara
Blacksmith All
Blacksmith Eureka
Blacksmith Los Angeles
Blacksmith Monterey
Blacksmith San Diego
Blacksmith San Francisco
Blacksmith Santa Barbara
Bonefish All
Bonefish Eureka
Bonefish Los Angeles
Bonefish Monterey
Bonefish San Diego
Bonefish San Francisco
Bonefish Santa Barbara
Bonito, Pacific All
Bonito, Pacific Eureka
Bonito, Pacific Los Angeles
Bonito, Pacific Monterey
Bonito, Pacific San Diego
Bonito, Pacific San Francisco
Bonito, Pacific Santa Barbara
Box Crab All
Box Crab Eureka
Box Crab Los Angeles
Box Crab Monterey
Box Crab San Diego
Box Crab San Francisco
Box Crab Santa Barbara
Butterfish, Pacific All
Butterfish, Pacific Eureka
Butterfish, Pacific Los Angeles
Butterfish, Pacific Monterey
Butterfish, Pacific San Diego
Butterfish, Pacific San Francisco
Butterfish, Pacific Santa Barbara
Cabezon All
Cabezon Eureka
Cabezon Los Angeles
Cabezon Monterey
Cabezon San Diego
Cabezon San Francisco
Cabezon Santa Barbara
Cabrilla, Spotted All
Cabrilla, Spotted Eureka
Cabrilla, Spotted Los Angeles
Cabrilla, Spotted Monterey
Cabrilla, Spotted San Diego
Cabrilla, Spotted San Francisco
Cabrilla, Spotted Santa Barbara
Carp All
Carp Eureka
Carp Los Angeles
Carp Monterey
Carp San Diego
Carp San Francisco
Carp Santa Barbara
Catfish All
Catfish Eureka
Catfish Los Angeles
Catfish Monterey
Catfish San Diego
Catfish San Francisco
Catfish Santa Barbara
Chiton All
Chiton Eureka
Chiton Los Angeles
Chiton Monterey
Chiton San Diego
Chiton San Francisco
Chiton Santa Barbara
Clam, California Jackknife All
Clam, California Jackknife Eureka
Clam, California Jackknife Los Angeles
Clam, California Jackknife Monterey
Clam, California Jackknife San Diego
Clam, California Jackknife San Francisco
Clam, California Jackknife Santa Barbara
Clam, Common Washington All
Clam, Common Washington Eureka
Clam, Common Washington Los Angeles
Clam, Common Washington Monterey
Clam, Common Washington San Diego
Clam, Common Washington San Francisco
Clam, Common Washington Santa Barbara
Clam, Gaper All
Clam, Gaper Eureka
Clam, Gaper Los Angeles
Clam, Gaper Monterey
Clam, Gaper San Diego
Clam, Gaper San Francisco
Clam, Gaper Santa Barbara
Clam, Native Littleneck All
Clam, Native Littleneck Eureka
Clam, Native Littleneck Los Angeles
Clam, Native Littleneck Monterey
Clam, Native Littleneck San Diego
Clam, Native Littleneck San Francisco
Clam, Native Littleneck Santa Barbara
Clam, Nothern Razor All
Clam, Nothern Razor Eureka
Clam, Nothern Razor Los Angeles
Clam, Nothern Razor Monterey
Clam, Nothern Razor San Diego
Clam, Nothern Razor San Francisco
Clam, Nothern Razor Santa Barbara
Clam, Pismo All
Clam, Pismo Eureka
Clam, Pismo Los Angeles
Clam, Pismo Monterey
Clam, Pismo San Diego
Clam, Pismo San Francisco
Clam, Pismo Santa Barbara
Clam, Purple All
Clam, Purple Eureka
Clam, Purple Los Angeles
Clam, Purple Monterey
Clam, Purple San Diego
Clam, Purple San Francisco
Clam, Purple Santa Barbara
Clam, Rosy Razor All
Clam, Rosy Razor Eureka
Clam, Rosy Razor Los Angeles
Clam, Rosy Razor Monterey
Clam, Rosy Razor San Diego
Clam, Rosy Razor San Francisco
Clam, Rosy Razor Santa Barbara
Clam, Soft Shelled All
Clam, Soft Shelled Eureka
Clam, Soft Shelled Los Angeles
Clam, Soft Shelled Monterey
Clam, Soft Shelled San Diego
Clam, Soft Shelled San Francisco
Clam, Soft Shelled Santa Barbara
Clam, Unspecified All
Clam, Unspecified Eureka
Clam, Unspecified Los Angeles
Clam, Unspecified Monterey
Clam, Unspecified San Diego
Clam, Unspecified San Francisco
Clam, Unspecified Santa Barbara
Cod, Pacific All
Cod, Pacific Eureka
Cod, Pacific Los Angeles
Cod, Pacific Monterey
Cod, Pacific San Diego
Cod, Pacific San Francisco
Cod, Pacific Santa Barbara
Corbina, California All
Corbina, California Eureka
Corbina, California Los Angeles
Corbina, California Monterey
Corbina, California San Diego
Corbina, California San Francisco
Corbina, California Santa Barbara
Corvina, Shortfin All
Corvina, Shortfin Eureka
Corvina, Shortfin Los Angeles
Corvina, Shortfin Monterey
Corvina, Shortfin San Diego
Corvina, Shortfin San Francisco
Corvina, Shortfin Santa Barbara
Crab, Brown Rock All
Crab, Brown Rock Eureka
Crab, Brown Rock Los Angeles
Crab, Brown Rock Monterey
Crab, Brown Rock San Diego
Crab, Brown Rock San Francisco
Crab, Brown Rock Santa Barbara
Crab, Claws All
Crab, Claws Eureka
Crab, Claws Los Angeles
Crab, Claws Monterey
Crab, Claws San Diego
Crab, Claws San Francisco
Crab, Claws Santa Barbara
Crab, Dungeness All
Crab, Dungeness Eureka
Crab, Dungeness Los Angeles
Crab, Dungeness Monterey
Crab, Dungeness San Diego
Crab, Dungeness San Francisco
Crab, Dungeness Santa Barbara
Crab, King All
Crab, King Eureka
Crab, King Los Angeles
Crab, King Monterey
Crab, King San Diego
Crab, King San Francisco
Crab, King Santa Barbara
Crab, Pelagic Red All
Crab, Pelagic Red Eureka
Crab, Pelagic Red Los Angeles
Crab, Pelagic Red Monterey
Crab, Pelagic Red San Diego
Crab, Pelagic Red San Francisco
Crab, Pelagic Red Santa Barbara
Crab, Red Rock All
Crab, Red Rock Eureka
Crab, Red Rock Los Angeles
Crab, Red Rock Monterey
Crab, Red Rock San Diego
Crab, Red Rock San Francisco
Crab, Red Rock Santa Barbara
Crab, Rock All
Crab, Rock Eureka
Crab, Rock Los Angeles
Crab, Rock Monterey
Crab, Rock San Diego
Crab, Rock San Francisco
Crab, Rock Santa Barbara
Crab, Sand All
Crab, Sand Eureka
Crab, Sand Los Angeles
Crab, Sand Monterey
Crab, Sand San Diego
Crab, Sand San Francisco
Crab, Sand Santa Barbara
Crab, Shore All
Crab, Shore Eureka
Crab, Shore Los Angeles
Crab, Shore Monterey
Crab, Shore San Diego
Crab, Shore San Francisco
Crab, Shore Santa Barbara
Crab, Spider All
Crab, Spider Eureka
Crab, Spider Los Angeles
Crab, Spider Monterey
Crab, Spider San Diego
Crab, Spider San Francisco
Crab, Spider Santa Barbara
Crab, Tanner All
Crab, Tanner Eureka
Crab, Tanner Los Angeles
Crab, Tanner Monterey
Crab, Tanner San Diego
Crab, Tanner San Francisco
Crab, Tanner Santa Barbara
Crab, Yellow Rock All
Crab, Yellow Rock Eureka
Crab, Yellow Rock Los Angeles
Crab, Yellow Rock Monterey
Crab, Yellow Rock San Diego
Crab, Yellow Rock San Francisco
Crab, Yellow Rock Santa Barbara
Crayfish All
Crayfish Eureka
Crayfish Los Angeles
Crayfish Monterey
Crayfish San Diego
Crayfish San Francisco
Crayfish Santa Barbara
Croaker, Black All
Croaker, Black Eureka
Croaker, Black Los Angeles
Croaker, Black Monterey
Croaker, Black San Diego
Croaker, Black San Francisco
Croaker, Black Santa Barbara
Croaker, Various Species All
Croaker, Various Species Eureka
Croaker, Various Species Los Angeles
Croaker, Various Species Monterey
Croaker, Various Species San Diego
Croaker, Various Species San Francisco
Croaker, Various Species Santa Barbara
Croaker, White All
Croaker, White Eureka
Croaker, White Los Angeles
Croaker, White Monterey
Croaker, White San Diego
Croaker, White San Francisco
Croaker, White Santa Barbara
Croaker, Yellowfin All
Croaker, Yellowfin Eureka
Croaker, Yellowfin Los Angeles
Croaker, Yellowfin Monterey
Croaker, Yellowfin San Diego
Croaker, Yellowfin San Francisco
Croaker, Yellowfin Santa Barbara
Crustacean, Unspecified All
Crustacean, Unspecified Eureka
Crustacean, Unspecified Los Angeles
Crustacean, Unspecified Monterey
Crustacean, Unspecified San Diego
Crustacean, Unspecified San Francisco
Crustacean, Unspecified Santa Barbara
Cucumber, Sea All
Cucumber, Sea Eureka
Cucumber, Sea Los Angeles
Cucumber, Sea Monterey
Cucumber, Sea San Diego
Cucumber, Sea San Francisco
Cucumber, Sea Santa Barbara
Cusk-Eel, Spotted All
Cusk-Eel, Spotted Eureka
Cusk-Eel, Spotted Los Angeles
Cusk-Eel, Spotted Monterey
Cusk-Eel, Spotted San Diego
Cusk-Eel, Spotted San Francisco
Cusk-Eel, Spotted Santa Barbara
Dolphinfish All
Dolphinfish Eureka
Dolphinfish Los Angeles
Dolphinfish Monterey
Dolphinfish San Diego
Dolphinfish San Francisco
Dolphinfish Santa Barbara
Echinod, Unspecified All
Echinod, Unspecified Eureka
Echinod, Unspecified Los Angeles
Echinod, Unspecified Monterey
Echinod, Unspecified San Diego
Echinod, Unspecified San Francisco
Echinod, Unspecified Santa Barbara
Eel All
Eel Eureka
Eel Los Angeles
Eel Monterey
Eel San Diego
Eel San Francisco
Eel Santa Barbara
Eel, Blenny All
Eel, Blenny Eureka
Eel, Blenny Los Angeles
Eel, Blenny Monterey
Eel, Blenny San Diego
Eel, Blenny San Francisco
Eel, Blenny Santa Barbara
Eel, California Moray All
Eel, California Moray Eureka
Eel, California Moray Los Angeles
Eel, California Moray Monterey
Eel, California Moray San Diego
Eel, California Moray San Francisco
Eel, California Moray Santa Barbara
Escolar All
Escolar Eureka
Escolar Los Angeles
Escolar Monterey
Escolar San Diego
Escolar San Francisco
Escolar Santa Barbara
Eulachon All
Eulachon Eureka
Eulachon Los Angeles
Eulachon Monterey
Eulachon San Diego
Eulachon San Francisco
Eulachon Santa Barbara
Flounder, Arrowtooth All
Flounder, Arrowtooth Eureka
Flounder, Arrowtooth Los Angeles
Flounder, Arrowtooth Monterey
Flounder, Arrowtooth San Diego
Flounder, Arrowtooth San Francisco
Flounder, Arrowtooth Santa Barbara
Flounder, Starry All
Flounder, Starry Eureka
Flounder, Starry Los Angeles
Flounder, Starry Monterey
Flounder, Starry San Diego
Flounder, Starry San Francisco
Flounder, Starry Santa Barbara
Flounder, Unclassified All
Flounder, Unclassified Eureka
Flounder, Unclassified Los Angeles
Flounder, Unclassified Monterey
Flounder, Unclassified San Diego
Flounder, Unclassified San Francisco
Flounder, Unclassified Santa Barbara
Flyingfish All
Flyingfish Eureka
Flyingfish Los Angeles
Flyingfish Monterey
Flyingfish San Diego
Flyingfish San Francisco
Flyingfish Santa Barbara
Frogs All
Frogs Eureka
Frogs Los Angeles
Frogs Monterey
Frogs San Diego
Frogs San Francisco
Frogs Santa Barbara
Garibaldi All
Garibaldi Eureka
Garibaldi Los Angeles
Garibaldi Monterey
Garibaldi San Diego
Garibaldi San Francisco
Garibaldi Santa Barbara
Goby, Bluebanded All
Goby, Bluebanded Eureka
Goby, Bluebanded Los Angeles
Goby, Bluebanded Monterey
Goby, Bluebanded San Diego
Goby, Bluebanded San Francisco
Goby, Bluebanded Santa Barbara
Goby, Yellowfin All
Goby, Yellowfin Eureka
Goby, Yellowfin Los Angeles
Goby, Yellowfin Monterey
Goby, Yellowfin San Diego
Goby, Yellowfin San Francisco
Goby, Yellowfin Santa Barbara
Greenling, Kelp All
Greenling, Kelp Eureka
Greenling, Kelp Los Angeles
Greenling, Kelp Monterey
Greenling, Kelp San Diego
Greenling, Kelp San Francisco
Greenling, Kelp Santa Barbara
Grenadiers All
Grenadiers Eureka
Grenadiers Los Angeles
Grenadiers Monterey
Grenadiers San Diego
Grenadiers San Francisco
Grenadiers Santa Barbara
Grouper All
Grouper Eureka
Grouper Los Angeles
Grouper Monterey
Grouper San Diego
Grouper San Francisco
Grouper Santa Barbara
Grouper, Broomtail All
Grouper, Broomtail Eureka
Grouper, Broomtail Los Angeles
Grouper, Broomtail Monterey
Grouper, Broomtail San Diego
Grouper, Broomtail San Francisco
Grouper, Broomtail Santa Barbara
Grunion, California All
Grunion, California Eureka
Grunion, California Los Angeles
Grunion, California Monterey
Grunion, California San Diego
Grunion, California San Francisco
Grunion, California Santa Barbara
Guitarfish, Shovelnose All
Guitarfish, Shovelnose Eureka
Guitarfish, Shovelnose Los Angeles
Guitarfish, Shovelnose Monterey
Guitarfish, Shovelnose San Diego
Guitarfish, Shovelnose San Francisco
Guitarfish, Shovelnose Santa Barbara
Hagfish All
Hagfish Eureka
Hagfish Los Angeles
Hagfish Monterey
Hagfish San Diego
Hagfish San Francisco
Hagfish Santa Barbara
Halfmoon All
Halfmoon Eureka
Halfmoon Los Angeles
Halfmoon Monterey
Halfmoon San Diego
Halfmoon San Francisco
Halfmoon Santa Barbara
Halibut, California All
Halibut, California Eureka
Halibut, California Los Angeles
Halibut, California Monterey
Halibut, California San Diego
Halibut, California San Francisco
Halibut, California Santa Barbara
Halibut, Pacific All
Halibut, Pacific Eureka
Halibut, Pacific Los Angeles
Halibut, Pacific Monterey
Halibut, Pacific San Diego
Halibut, Pacific San Francisco
Halibut, Pacific Santa Barbara
Halibut, Unspecified All
Halibut, Unspecified Eureka
Halibut, Unspecified Los Angeles
Halibut, Unspecified Monterey
Halibut, Unspecified San Diego
Halibut, Unspecified San Francisco
Halibut, Unspecified Santa Barbara
Hardhead All
Hardhead Eureka
Hardhead Los Angeles
Hardhead Monterey
Hardhead San Diego
Hardhead San Francisco
Hardhead Santa Barbara
Herring Roe On Kelp All
Herring Roe On Kelp Eureka
Herring Roe On Kelp Los Angeles
Herring Roe On Kelp Monterey
Herring Roe On Kelp San Diego
Herring Roe On Kelp San Francisco
Herring Roe On Kelp Santa Barbara
Herring, Pacific All
Herring, Pacific Eureka
Herring, Pacific Los Angeles
Herring, Pacific Monterey
Herring, Pacific San Diego
Herring, Pacific San Francisco
Herring, Pacific Santa Barbara
Herring, Round All
Herring, Round Eureka
Herring, Round Los Angeles
Herring, Round Monterey
Herring, Round San Diego
Herring, Round San Francisco
Herring, Round Santa Barbara
Herring, Whole Fish With Roe All
Herring, Whole Fish With Roe Eureka
Herring, Whole Fish With Roe Los Angeles
Herring, Whole Fish With Roe Monterey
Herring, Whole Fish With Roe San Diego
Herring, Whole Fish With Roe San Francisco
Herring, Whole Fish With Roe Santa Barbara
Hitch All
Hitch Eureka
Hitch Los Angeles
Hitch Monterey
Hitch San Diego
Hitch San Francisco
Hitch Santa Barbara
Invertebrates, Colonial All
Invertebrates, Colonial Eureka
Invertebrates, Colonial Los Angeles
Invertebrates, Colonial Monterey
Invertebrates, Colonial San Diego
Invertebrates, Colonial San Francisco
Invertebrates, Colonial Santa Barbara
Jack Crevalle All
Jack Crevalle Eureka
Jack Crevalle Los Angeles
Jack Crevalle Monterey
Jack Crevalle San Diego
Jack Crevalle San Francisco
Jack Crevalle Santa Barbara
Jacks All
Jacks Eureka
Jacks Los Angeles
Jacks Monterey
Jacks San Diego
Jacks San Francisco
Jacks Santa Barbara
Kahawai All
Kahawai Eureka
Kahawai Los Angeles
Kahawai Monterey
Kahawai San Diego
Kahawai San Francisco
Kahawai Santa Barbara
Kelpfishes All
Kelpfishes Eureka
Kelpfishes Los Angeles
Kelpfishes Monterey
Kelpfishes San Diego
Kelpfishes San Francisco
Kelpfishes Santa Barbara
Killifish, California All
Killifish, California Eureka
Killifish, California Los Angeles
Killifish, California Monterey
Killifish, California San Diego
Killifish, California San Francisco
Killifish, California Santa Barbara
Limpet, Unspecified All
Limpet, Unspecified Eureka
Limpet, Unspecified Los Angeles
Limpet, Unspecified Monterey
Limpet, Unspecified San Diego
Limpet, Unspecified San Francisco
Limpet, Unspecified Santa Barbara
Lingcod All
Lingcod Eureka
Lingcod Los Angeles
Lingcod Monterey
Lingcod San Diego
Lingcod San Francisco
Lingcod Santa Barbara
Lizardfish, California All
Lizardfish, California Eureka
Lizardfish, California Los Angeles
Lizardfish, California Monterey
Lizardfish, California San Diego
Lizardfish, California San Francisco
Lizardfish, California Santa Barbara
Lobster, California Spiny All
Lobster, California Spiny Eureka
Lobster, California Spiny Los Angeles
Lobster, California Spiny Monterey
Lobster, California Spiny San Diego
Lobster, California Spiny San Francisco
Lobster, California Spiny Santa Barbara
Louvar All
Louvar Eureka
Louvar Los Angeles
Louvar Monterey
Louvar San Diego
Louvar San Francisco
Louvar Santa Barbara
Mackerel, Bullet All
Mackerel, Bullet Eureka
Mackerel, Bullet Los Angeles
Mackerel, Bullet Monterey
Mackerel, Bullet San Diego
Mackerel, Bullet San Francisco
Mackerel, Bullet Santa Barbara
Mackerel, Jack All
Mackerel, Jack Eureka
Mackerel, Jack Los Angeles
Mackerel, Jack Monterey
Mackerel, Jack San Diego
Mackerel, Jack San Francisco
Mackerel, Jack Santa Barbara
Mackerel, Pacific All
Mackerel, Pacific Eureka
Mackerel, Pacific Los Angeles
Mackerel, Pacific Monterey
Mackerel, Pacific San Diego
Mackerel, Pacific San Francisco
Mackerel, Pacific Santa Barbara
Mackerel, Unspecified All
Mackerel, Unspecified Eureka
Mackerel, Unspecified Los Angeles
Mackerel, Unspecified Monterey
Mackerel, Unspecified San Diego
Mackerel, Unspecified San Francisco
Mackerel, Unspecified Santa Barbara
Marlin, Striped All
Marlin, Striped Eureka
Marlin, Striped Los Angeles
Marlin, Striped Monterey
Marlin, Striped San Diego
Marlin, Striped San Francisco
Marlin, Striped Santa Barbara
Midshipman, Plainfin All
Midshipman, Plainfin Eureka
Midshipman, Plainfin Los Angeles
Midshipman, Plainfin Monterey
Midshipman, Plainfin San Diego
Midshipman, Plainfin San Francisco
Midshipman, Plainfin Santa Barbara
Mola, Common All
Mola, Common Eureka
Mola, Common Los Angeles
Mola, Common Monterey
Mola, Common San Diego
Mola, Common San Francisco
Mola, Common Santa Barbara
Mollusk, Unspecified All
Mollusk, Unspecified Eureka
Mollusk, Unspecified Los Angeles
Mollusk, Unspecified Monterey
Mollusk, Unspecified San Diego
Mollusk, Unspecified San Francisco
Mollusk, Unspecified Santa Barbara
Monkeyface Eel All
Monkeyface Eel Eureka
Monkeyface Eel Los Angeles
Monkeyface Eel Monterey
Monkeyface Eel San Diego
Monkeyface Eel San Francisco
Monkeyface Eel Santa Barbara
Mudsucker, Longjaw All
Mudsucker, Longjaw Eureka
Mudsucker, Longjaw Los Angeles
Mudsucker, Longjaw Monterey
Mudsucker, Longjaw San Diego
Mudsucker, Longjaw San Francisco
Mudsucker, Longjaw Santa Barbara
Mullet, Striped All
Mullet, Striped Eureka
Mullet, Striped Los Angeles
Mullet, Striped Monterey
Mullet, Striped San Diego
Mullet, Striped San Francisco
Mullet, Striped Santa Barbara
Mussel All
Mussel Eureka
Mussel Los Angeles
Mussel Monterey
Mussel San Diego
Mussel San Francisco
Mussel Santa Barbara
Needlefish, California All
Needlefish, California Eureka
Needlefish, California Los Angeles
Needlefish, California Monterey
Needlefish, California San Diego
Needlefish, California San Francisco
Needlefish, California Santa Barbara
Octopus, Unspecified All
Octopus, Unspecified Eureka
Octopus, Unspecified Los Angeles
Octopus, Unspecified Monterey
Octopus, Unspecified San Diego
Octopus, Unspecified San Francisco
Octopus, Unspecified Santa Barbara
Oilfish All
Oilfish Eureka
Oilfish Los Angeles
Oilfish Monterey
Oilfish San Diego
Oilfish San Francisco
Oilfish Santa Barbara
Opah All
Opah Eureka
Opah Los Angeles
Opah Monterey
Opah San Diego
Opah San Francisco
Opah Santa Barbara
Opaleye All
Opaleye Eureka
Opaleye Los Angeles
Opaleye Monterey
Opaleye San Diego
Opaleye San Francisco
Opaleye Santa Barbara
Oyster, California All
Oyster, California Eureka
Oyster, California Los Angeles
Oyster, California Monterey
Oyster, California San Diego
Oyster, California San Francisco
Oyster, California Santa Barbara
Oyster, Eastern All
Oyster, Eastern Eureka
Oyster, Eastern Los Angeles
Oyster, Eastern Monterey
Oyster, Eastern San Diego
Oyster, Eastern San Francisco
Oyster, Eastern Santa Barbara
Oyster, European Flat All
Oyster, European Flat Eureka
Oyster, European Flat Los Angeles
Oyster, European Flat Monterey
Oyster, European Flat San Diego
Oyster, European Flat San Francisco
Oyster, European Flat Santa Barbara
Oyster, Giant Pacific All
Oyster, Giant Pacific Eureka
Oyster, Giant Pacific Los Angeles
Oyster, Giant Pacific Monterey
Oyster, Giant Pacific San Diego
Oyster, Giant Pacific San Francisco
Oyster, Giant Pacific Santa Barbara
Oyster, Unspecified All
Oyster, Unspecified Eureka
Oyster, Unspecified Los Angeles
Oyster, Unspecified Monterey
Oyster, Unspecified San Diego
Oyster, Unspecified San Francisco
Oyster, Unspecified Santa Barbara
Perch All
Perch Eureka
Perch Los Angeles
Perch Monterey
Perch San Diego
Perch San Francisco
Perch Santa Barbara
Perch, Pacific Ocean All
Perch, Pacific Ocean Eureka
Perch, Pacific Ocean Los Angeles
Perch, Pacific Ocean Monterey
Perch, Pacific Ocean San Diego
Perch, Pacific Ocean San Francisco
Perch, Pacific Ocean Santa Barbara
Pikeminnow, Sacramento All
Pikeminnow, Sacramento Eureka
Pikeminnow, Sacramento Los Angeles
Pikeminnow, Sacramento Monterey
Pikeminnow, Sacramento San Diego
Pikeminnow, Sacramento San Francisco
Pikeminnow, Sacramento Santa Barbara
Pomfret, Pacific All
Pomfret, Pacific Eureka
Pomfret, Pacific Los Angeles
Pomfret, Pacific Monterey
Pomfret, Pacific San Diego
Pomfret, Pacific San Francisco
Pomfret, Pacific Santa Barbara
Prawn, Golden All
Prawn, Golden Eureka
Prawn, Golden Los Angeles
Prawn, Golden Monterey
Prawn, Golden San Diego
Prawn, Golden San Francisco
Prawn, Golden Santa Barbara
Prawn, Ridgeback All
Prawn, Ridgeback Eureka
Prawn, Ridgeback Los Angeles
Prawn, Ridgeback Monterey
Prawn, Ridgeback San Diego
Prawn, Ridgeback San Francisco
Prawn, Ridgeback Santa Barbara
Prawn, Spotted All
Prawn, Spotted Eureka
Prawn, Spotted Los Angeles
Prawn, Spotted Monterey
Prawn, Spotted San Diego
Prawn, Spotted San Francisco
Prawn, Spotted Santa Barbara
Prawn, Unspecified All
Prawn, Unspecified Eureka
Prawn, Unspecified Los Angeles
Prawn, Unspecified Monterey
Prawn, Unspecified San Diego
Prawn, Unspecified San Francisco
Prawn, Unspecified Santa Barbara
Queenfish All
Queenfish Eureka
Queenfish Los Angeles
Queenfish Monterey
Queenfish San Diego
Queenfish San Francisco
Queenfish Santa Barbara
Ratfish All
Ratfish Eureka
Ratfish Los Angeles
Ratfish Monterey
Ratfish San Diego
Ratfish San Francisco
Ratfish Santa Barbara
Ray All
Ray Eureka
Ray Los Angeles
Ray Monterey
Ray San Diego
Ray San Francisco
Ray Santa Barbara
Ray, Bat All
Ray, Bat Eureka
Ray, Bat Los Angeles
Ray, Bat Monterey
Ray, Bat San Diego
Ray, Bat San Francisco
Ray, Bat Santa Barbara
Ray, Pacific Electric All
Ray, Pacific Electric Eureka
Ray, Pacific Electric Los Angeles
Ray, Pacific Electric Monterey
Ray, Pacific Electric San Diego
Ray, Pacific Electric San Francisco
Ray, Pacific Electric Santa Barbara
Rockfish, Aurora All
Rockfish, Aurora Eureka
Rockfish, Aurora Los Angeles
Rockfish, Aurora Monterey
Rockfish, Aurora San Diego
Rockfish, Aurora San Francisco
Rockfish, Aurora Santa Barbara
Rockfish, Bank All
Rockfish, Bank Eureka
Rockfish, Bank Los Angeles
Rockfish, Bank Monterey
Rockfish, Bank San Diego
Rockfish, Bank San Francisco

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